Powershell Office 365 Admin Script

OK, So after my menu system I have begun working on a Powershell Admin System for Office 365, its an ongoing project that still a work in progress but can be found on my GitHub at https://github.com/demarcation/PowerShell-Office-365-Administration-Script.

Starting to get a good feature set going with validation on input for several parts, more to come in the future.

Currently we have

-Password Reset
-New User
-List Users
-Edit User Account Name

-Folder Access
=Grant User Access to Mailbox Folder
=Remove User Access from Mailbox Folder
-Full Access Permissions
=Grant Full Access to Mailbox
=Remove Full Access from Mailbox
-List Mailboxes
-List Mailbox Statistics
-List Email Forwarding Status
-Disable Access to Services
=Disable Outlook Anywhere Access
=Disable OWA Access
=Disable IMAP Access
=Disable POP Access
-Hide/Unhide from GAL
-Email Alias for Mailboxes
=Remove Mailbox Email Alias
=Add Mailbox Email Alias
=Set Default Mailbox Alias
-Change Forwarding Status
-Add Shared Mailbox
-View Mailbox Permissions

Dist Groups
-List Dist Groups and Members
-Edit Group Members
=Add User to Dist Group
=Remove User from Dist Group
-Add New Dist Group
-Email Alias for Dist Groups
=Add Group Email Alias
=Remove Group Email Alias
-Hide/Unhide from GAL

MSOnline Org
-List Partner Information
-List Domain Info
-List Licencing Status

Transport Rules
-List Transport Rule Status
-Toggle Rule Status



So, anyways hope you like, please feel free to contribute on github if you would like new features etc.