Powershell Multi Layered Dynamic Menu System

This is a post on my newest PowerShell Script.

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I would build a power shell script to assist in the common tasks of managing Office365 and Exchange On-Line implementations. I quickly discovered that to do so, I would need a usable menu system, however, after trying a few scraps of code I found on-line I realised that I needed a system that managed its own layout. I kept spending long periods of time re-writing the same ‘write-host’ commands and reordering the menu every time I added a new function. I searched on-line for a menu that could expand dynamically as I needed it to but found nothing. So I set my head to writing it myself, a complete power shell novice with marginal coding experience sought to build a menu system that could be used for any purpose and eventually after a few ‘learning experiences’ and a good many hours at home screaming, it was born.

Download the script at this link => Multi Layered Dynamic Menu System for Powershell <=

Its usage is fairly self explanatory

First import the module into your own script.
Import-Module c:\users\fred\downloads\MenuSystem.psm1

Then use the menu with the following command
Use-Menu -MenuHash <HashTable> -Title <String>

Help info is included in the script, contact me for the rest

Hopefully this will help people in the future and watch out for my upcoming Office 365 PowerShell Management Script