Ever wondered how a I.T. Engineer does what he does? Well its all down to having the right tools for the job, in my case it’s the right websites and software. Below is a list of sites and software that provide the basic tools to do what I do. Now you too can become an expert engineer!!!


My Other Sites

Powershell Admin Console for Office 365
The perfect admin utility for administering multiple Office 365 tenants via the power of the Powershell. Entirely written by myself as an exercise in learning Powershell and programming languages, the system creates a fast way to connect to the Office 365 Powershell interface under various admin usernames and once connected can provide a comprehensive list of tasks such as disabling pop / activesync / mapi, resetting passwords, creating new users. managing mailboxes and distribution groups. The system is based on the Powershell Multi Layered Dynamic Menu System core that I wrote in order to make it easy to create easily expandable menu systems for Powershell projects that continuously develop.

Ever wanted to control your snom VoIP Phones from your desktop? Want to view the screen and push the buttons on the phone, this is the ultimate support tool for snom devices on your local network allowing configuration and control of the phones to assist your users. I wrote this in response to a professional need myself and have found it invaluable to view and control devices. The first page scans the local network and displays the screen.bmp of each phone, after that, click a screen for full control.

Useful Software

Heaven…just pure heaven for IT Techs….Install everything all at once no mess, no problems. Why cant life be this simple? – Hamachi
Now here is an example of quick and simple networking. This software allows you to set-up VPN networks so that all of your computer/laptops can communicate with each other.

TreeSize Free
This handy little tool will display folder sizes for easy reference of where your space is being used on the hard drive

Freeware password resetting for Microsoft SAM databases.

A simple method of converting any document to PDF, install this program and you will then be able to print to a PDF writer Printer.

Microsoft User Profile Hive Cleanup Service
This tool solves the annoying problem of having to restart a users PC in order to delete the local profile. Makes life so much easier.

A free Telnet/SSH client, great for quick and easy Telnet

Portable Apps
Applications repackaged to run purely from removable media without installing on any machine. Handy for people who dont always have time or permission to install software on PC’s they visit.
I would recomend the following downloads:

  • Portable Firefox
  • FileZilla Portable
  • PuTTY Portable
  • 7-Zip Portable
  • InfraRecorder Portable
Unlocks locked files allowing you to rename or delete them without problems
Mouse Without Borders
Allows one keyboard and mouse to control multiple computers on a network.

IT Resource Pages
So this is the resources site of Simon Butler (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Microsoft Exchange) This guy knows exchange inside and out, the information found on his site got me through my early days as an Exchange engineer. He also runs a host of other sites, you can find full listings on the home page.
By far the most powerful tool I have ever found. This site is the perfect place to find answers to solutions that are beyond you personal technical knowledge. This collaboration of thousands of IT engineers all over the world, assist anyone with all and any problems regardless of technical ability. I have been a qualified expert on this site since 2008, and regularly assist members of the site with problems in a variety of areas. Whatever the IT problem, this site will have someone who knows the answer.
Great site for finding out broadband availability on an exchange.
BT Service Status
First place to check for Broadband Faults
Ever wondered if a website is down for everyone or just you? This site tells you!!!
The best and fastest site for finding out about DNS and Email records online.

Anti Virus Tools

Security Essentials
If your going online these days, you need decent anti-virus protection. I find that Microsoft Security Essentials does a pretty decent job for a free software.
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
Following on from anti-virus, this anti-malware software has been an invaluable tool for me in the removal of all manner of malicious software.
KZTechs – System Repair Tool – and in pif format SREngLdr.pif
Fixes those annoying file association issues after removing maleware. The pif file resolves for when exe files ask to open with.

Scans for a few known malware (SurfSideKick, QooLogic, and Look2Me) and their variants, then removes them.

Removes common fake antivirus programs collectively known as scareware

Root Kit detection and removal tool (Advanced users only), Recently acquired by Microsoft

This program will scan, report and remove programs and traces of Spyware.

This is a Rootkit remover from kaspersky

This reverses the effects of the FakeHDD family of malware, it resets the file and folder hidden and system attributes to the correct windows settings.


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